Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Young, fat and facing liver disease

Please be aware of fatty infiltration of the liver, now in young kids, and learn that EDTA can provide surprising help!

EDTA helps treat terminal Cirrhosis even at the end stage of portal hypertension. A liver specialist from a New York State University Medical school that did the invaluable research that may one day help to save many children from fatty liver progressing on to Cirrhosis.

Top trace metal researchers in Human Nutrition labs for USDA, such as Dr Anderson, suggested that EDTA may favorably influence Zn-Cu ratios and, of course, we now understand that metal binding of transition metals is a hallmark of effective anti-oxidant activity that EDTA helps provide. This epidemic may be tremendously helped with my simple triad approach, of Stabilized Fiber, Stabilized Vitamin C and EDTA. We have also seen recent publications indicating that the obese who do not have significant levels of persistent organic pollutants do not have diabetes. Read more...

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