Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Human brain parasite alters fear

One candidate for that "wormer" medicine would be Alinia (Daxon in Mexico) but there is no perfect answer. Dr. Simon Yu MD, Internist from St Louis area, attended my March conference in Phoenix and in the final question and answer session on Sunday he explained how he changes the lives of seriously ill patients using EAV (Voll Electrodermal testing) to help select other therapies that augment Alinia. He agrees that it seems to have significant potential for helping many of us with little potential for harm.

The entire Audio recordings from both days can be uploaded free of charge from my website, and are under the "MP3 Audio for Download" heading. The Videos from the conference can be viewed at NO CHARGE on the Internet; go to, select Video and search Dr Garry Gordon and you will find the entire conference proceedings available there. There are many interesting presentations including Dr Francisco Contreras' dramatic success in terminal Cancer using oxygen with High Dose Ascorbic acid to increase the PRO-Oxidant effect. I will discuss this at the Oxidative workshop in Chicago the day before the regular ACAM conference begins next month. Read more...

Immunice for Immune Support

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