Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Aging Swingers at High STD Risk

(HealthDay News) -- All those wild and crazy nights may be catching up with swingers as they age, new research found.

A Dutch study has found that swingers -- heterosexual adults who engage in partner swapping or attend sex clubs for couples -- have rates of sexually transmitted diseases comparable to teenagers and gay or bisexual men, both considered high-risk groups for catching herpes, HIV and chlamydia, among other infections.

"In our clinical practice and field work, we started to note that there were several persons who called themselves swingers, who seemed to have STDs more often than other heterosexuals," noted study co-author Anne-Marie Niekamp of the South Limburg Public Health Service in Geleen, The Netherlands. "Any scientific data on the topic appeared not available. Swingers seemed to be not only a hidden population in society but also in science and health care. Read more...

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