Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dental-Biological Treatment / Part Two: Initial Consultation

A dentist is first consulted for most various reasons – ranging from the mere need for information all the way to an acutely needed treatment due to suffering from a problem.

«What can I do for you?» should thus be the first question on our part. Anamnesis will then inform us on the individual previous history, and provide us with an impression of the respective patient, their appearance and behavior. We learn about THE PATIENT’S CONDITION.

Later, in the course of examination, we come to OUR FINDINGS. Bringing both perceptions in line is part of our task.

But let’s take one thing at a time:

1.) Anamnesis: literally means remembrance – the patient tells his story, which we should listen to and understand.

2.) Examination:

a) Teeth: recording of all present teeth, their previous treatment, materials respectively used, and possible damage. Caries is also called tooth decay, i.e. something is or was “decayed” and the respective tooth or group of teeth will allow for taking conclusions as to organs, meridian systems, or even emotions. Statistically, caries appears more frequently in the event of not well-handled phases of life metamorphoses, e.g. at entering school, puberty, in presence of relationship or family problems and job difficulties. Read more...

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