Monday, November 29, 2010

The Four Paths to Health

Chaturwidh Chikitsa, an important method of treatment in ayurveda india's ancient medicinal approach. The four paths of treatment in Chaturwidh Chikitsa, include Sanshodhan Chikitsa, Snashma, Chikitsa, Ahar Chikitsa and Aachar Chikitsa. In Sanshodhana, the vitiated doshas are expelled from the patient's body. Bearing this treatment calls for great strength and stamina and is suggested only for the strong.

In Sanshman, the aggravated doshas are usually suppressed at the part of origin. It is usually applied for patients who have less stamina and cant be exposed to strong medicines or treatments. Spirituality is a crucial part of health. Only with spirituality can the health of a person be completely maintained. Aachar Chikitsa takes a psychological approach to treatment, where participation in religious and social activities are adopted as the treatment method. The spiritual fulfillment in turn acts as a motivation and elixir to get cured of diseases. Read more...

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