Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Anti-Cancer Diet according to Dr. Johannes Coy at Paracelsus Clinica al Ronc

Cancer is based upon multiple causes; its formation is a dynamic process extending over several years. For decades, medicine has not been able to present any groundbreaking accomplishments in the treatment of this disease, unless for some exceptions such as testicle cancer, some kinds of lymphoma, or pediatric leukemia.

Biological-integrative medicine does not treat cancer but the overall individual. Within this individual, the disease has formed over the years. The individual’s mechanisms to prevent this formation have failed.

Acting differently requires thinking differently. (Dr. Thomas Rau)

Dr. Coy‘s Anti-Cancer-Diet
is based upon his own findings in cancer research.What new ideas does it bear? Cells require sufficient energy in order to maintain their functionality and proliferation. A cancerous cell has two possible options to do so: combustion or fermentation. Dr. Coy was able to prove that shifting from combustion to fermentation results in resistance against chemo- and radiotherapy. It also leads to invasiveness and metastasis. Read more...

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