Thursday, October 08, 2009

Meditation’s Real Effects on Health

By Dr. Joseph Mercola
with Rachael Droege

Meditation is used to take a deliberate break from the stream of thoughts that are constantly flowing in and out of our minds. While some people use it to promote spiritual growth or find inner peace, others use it as a relaxation and stress-reduction tool. Simply focus on freeing your mind of all its conscious thoughts or focus on the sounds you are hearing now, your breathing, or your eyes moving over this page and you will get a taste of how meditation can be beneficial.

We are constantly stimulated in our daily lives--visually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Not surprisingly, taking a break from this stimulation can actually improve your health. Meditation provides a way to give your mind a rest and allows it to focus on one particular thing, without a barrage of outside distractions, or on nothing at all. Read more...

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