Monday, March 09, 2009


AyurDog contains the most potent herbal concentrates available in Ayurvedic Science for canine healthcare. When formulated in the correct amounts and blended by our proprietary process, AyurDog successfully improves your dog's immunity, reduces negative behavior (aggression, fear, and anxiety), improves its appetite, restores fur and coat luster, and removes harmful parasites and toxins that affect the longevity of your favorite canine. This is achieved by rejuvenating the metabolic mechanism that coordinates all the various chemical and hormonal reactions of your dog's body, improving blood circulation, and supporting the delivery of vital nutrients to replace the ones that domesticated dogs have lost during evolution. The destructive effect of stomach acids on active herbal ingredients have prevented the introduction of this ancient wisdom in capsule form for centuries. The team at India Herbs has solved this problem by developing a potentiating formula in conjunction with natural absorption catalysts and bioenhancing capsule coating to prevent premature degradation of key constituents. Read more

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