Monday, September 22, 2008

Lose Weight Permanently with Ayurveda

While Americans have experienced an unprecedented rise in weight gain and cardiovascular disease in the past 20 years, Europeans seem to be immune from this epidemic.

In France people eat an extremely high fat diet; in Germany and England, meat is eaten at every meal; in Italy they enjoy a high-carb diet rich in wine, bread and pasta. All four countries have low rates of heart disease and obesity.

In America we have condemned all these foods as unhealthy when we eat them in excess — yet in Europe they seem to eat them with impunity.

It seems the biggest risk factor for weight gain and heart disease is ... being an American. So let’s take a look at what we do differently as Americans that may be contributing to our out of control weight gain and heart disease.

In Ayurveda — India’s traditional system of medicine based on living a balanced life in harmony with the changing cycles of nature — there are three factors that rule how healthful your diet is: What, when and how you eat. Continue Reading >>

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