Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Do Drugs Work Better Than Gravity?

Because humor can be a natural tonic for what ails us (and can be attractive too), from time to time, I share satirical pieces about health with you from NewsTarget.

In this latest humor article, the FDA declares the law of gravity a "medical device," while urging a nationwide crackdown on aids like trampolines, Swiss balls and rebounders. The "perfect" alternatives in the eyes of FDA officials, of course, are pharmaceutical drugs that have been "rigorously tested" and "scientifically proven."

This funny article goes on to "debunk" the laws of gravity altogether as "pure quack science." It would be even funnier were it not true the FDA treats the fiscal health of the mega-pharmaceuticals with incredibly higher regard than it does the physical health of Americans.

NewsTarget.com May 19, 2006

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